Course Summery
Title of the education program Bachelor of Pharmacy
Stage of the program Bachelor Degree Course
Direction Health care
Specialty Pharmacy
Qualification to be awarded Bachelor of Pharmacy
Study duration 4 years
Program volume 240 credits
Tuition language English

Program Overview

Under circumstances of market economy and rapid development of pharmaceutical industry, demand on qualified specialists is increasing permanently. Offered Bachelor’s of Pharmacy program aims to prepare competitive personnel and satisfy demand of labor marker as a consequence.
The main concept of development of education program of pharmacy implies conceptually modern approach to teaching that envisages use of contemporary elements along with traditional disciplines.
Education program graduates shall be awarded a Bachelor’s academic degree of pharmacy and granted state diploma certifying accomplishment of respective bachelor’s program.

Teaching Methodology

For achieving optimal learning results, Bachelor’s of Pharmacy program includes modern teaching methods along with traditional ones. The final aim is to ensure interesting studying, increase involvement of student in the process and decrease disciplinary problems.
Curriculum of education program of pharmacy is composed of special disciplines teachable logically and consecutively in order to gain competence and get qualification envisaged under the program and its objectives. The goals and tasks of the training defined within the educational program will be achieved through a cycle of theoretical and practical sessions.

Clinical Facilities

For the purpose of the implementation of the program’s practical components, agreements with Georgia’s leading clinics and hospitals have been signed. In these clinical facilities practical sessions take place and the students are adapted to the clinical environment. These facilities include:

1. LLC “Institute of Pharmacochemistry of Iovel Kutateladze”
2. LLC “Naturpharm”
3. LLC “Pharmacy Krtsanisi”
4. TSMU “Iovel Kutateladze Institute of Pharmacochemistry”
5. Pharmaceutical Production “Eubiotics”;
6. Pharmacy LTD “Sophia”;
7. Pharmacy LTD “Luka 2010”;