Course Summery
Title of the education program Dental Education Program
Stage of the program Single-Step
Direction Health care
Specialty Stomatology
Qualification to be awarded Doctor of Dental Medicine
Study duration 5 years
Program volume 360 credits
Tuition language English

Program Overview

Dental Medicine program is designed in accordance with the competences defined by the framework of the higher education qualifications and requirements of the employment market for the Doctor of Dental Medicine. The program focuses on the basic theoretical knowledge of stomatology and preparation of the highly qualified specialists with practical skills. The complex, student-oriented teaching provided by the stomatology program, is directed towards satisfaction of the student’s diverse interests and requirements, developing personal and academic freedom.

The graduates of the Dental program will be awarded the academic degree of the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM). The program study outcomes fully meet the necessary education level and skills needed for continuation of postgraduate education, and the graduates are consistent for employment opportunity within the framework of competences they have already acquired.

Teaching Methodology

Formation of the competencies relevant for the qualification of the Doctor of Dental Medicine will be achieved on the basis of a synthesis of knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the study of various educational component of the program. Combination of the components of the Dental Education Program ensures achievement of the program goals and appropriate outcomes of the study, suitable to the relevant step described in the Higher Education Qualifications Framework.
The process of learning is based on the modern methods of teaching. Among them the main are the intellectual lectures, case analysis, individual and group presentations, and seminars based on the real theoretical and clinical cases and materials. The educational program mainly is made with the theoretical profile, however, provides a practical component directed towards development of the skills as well as the ability to work independently.

Clinical Facilities

In order to enhance the clinical skills and habits the educational program envisages teaching a range of clinical disciplines at the clinical bases.
Within the frameworks of the program in Dentistry, a cabinet for phantom studies is functioning at the University, which facilitates students’ adaptation to clinic environment. The university has its own dentistry cabinet where students are given opportunity to have direct contact with patients from the sixth semester. In addition, practical trainings in the following hospitals will be provided:

1. LTD “Medical Centre – Neoclinic”;
2. Dentistry Clinic LTD “Diodent”;
3. K.Eristavi National Centre of Experimental and Clinical Surgery;
4. LTD „Z.Shakarashvili Onco-hematological clinic LAIFMEDI“;
5. LLC “Multi-Profile Clinical Hospital named after St. Michael The Archangel”;
6. LLC “Tbilisi Central Hospital”;
7. Beritashvili’s Center of Experimental Biomedicine ;
8. JSC “Scientific-Practical Center of Infectious Pathology, Aids and Clinical Immunology”.
9. LLC “The National Center of Skin and Venereal Disease”
10. LLC “Mamology Center named after Konstantine Madichi”.
11. LLC “Deka “-Hospital
12. LLC “Pegasi”