Course Summery
Title of the education program Master in International Marketing
Stage of the program Master Degree Course
Direction Business Administration
Specialty International Marketing
Qualification to be awarded Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Study duration 2 years
Program volume 125 credits
Tuition language English

Program Overview

“If you don’t think as a customer, you don’t think at all” – these words of famous businessman Jeck Welch create impression on the type of international marketer we have to bring up today. In light of marketing and time demands, the leader of marketing should think like a customer. Bringing up professional of international marketing in the 21st century is accumulation of biggest intellectual potential in one person who can well influence beneficial connections between national and international markets and whole economy.

Proposed Master’s program of International Marketing is designed exactly in response of the needs and requirements of contemporary employment market. Therefore, the program aims to prepare world standard and competitive professionals in international marketing field. Upon completion of the program a graduate will have the knowledge on penetration and understanding of international markets, which is based on international experience, marketing theory and market development practice. Graduate of the program will be able to realize all problems and changes of international and national markets and will be equipped with practical knowledge required for solution of such problems.
The graduate of Master’s Educational Program is granted academic degree of Master of Business Administration in Marketing and is awarded state recognized Georgian-English diploma certifying completion of relevant master’s program.

Postgraduate Opportunities

A graduate of the Master’s in International Marketing program is entitled to continue studies in higher education institutions of Georgia or in any other countries at Doctor’s Program of Business Administration oriented to training of researchers of the next level.
Master’s Program of International Marketing opens to the graduates the door into immature, very interesting and challenging segment of employment called international marketing, i.e. marketing surveying accompanying processes of international market.

Teaching Methodology

Acquirement of the courses of study envisaged under the Educational Program of International Marketing involves active participation of students in the process of studies.
Master’s Educational Program in Marketing consists of mandatory courses of study in specialty, optional courses of study in specialty, practical component and research component. While accomplishing the Program, academic achievement of a student is evaluated by the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS).