Accommodation Arrangements

Students have a number of accommodation options. Upon request, our company provides private rented apartments to students. Apartments are situated in the same district where university is located. Students can reach to University by walking distance of 15 minutes. All Flats are well furnished in compliance with European standard. Rent price for apartment is 175 USD per month. Students are requested to pay rent fee for six months in advance. After six months, students have the option to keep that flat or change accommodation themselves.
Accommodation does not include food and utility expanses. Students are liable for their food and other utilities they use.

Airport Pickup

Upon request, GES representative, holding official permission and identity, will meet international students on arrival at Tbilisi International Airport. This representative will take students to their accommodation in suitable transport system.

Note: If airport pickup service is required by the student, relevant travel information (Air Ticket details) must be forwarded to the company three days prior to arrival. Fee for the airport pickup service is 25 USD including on arrival refreshments services.

Orientation Program

A comprehensive orientation program is delivered to international students one week prior to the beginning of the semester. Attendance at the program is compulsory for all international students commencing their formal course at the University. The program covers aspects of living and studying in Georgia.

Sessions at orientation include:
• Lifestyle
• Health insurance
• Compliance with student visa requirements
• Study skills
• Safety (including fire safety, personal safety, policing and water safety)
• Using public transport
• Enrolment (including timetable for current semester, booklist and student card)
• Available support services at the university
• Orientation to local environment

Temporary Residency Card Arrangements

International students will get visa support service during the entire period of study. Upon arriving in Georgia, international students will convert their study visas into temporary residency cards with our assistance.