Diploma / Degree programs at GEU

Diploma / Degree programs at GEU

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Information Technology

Professional Education Program title: Information Technologist
Professional education level: III level
Certified qualification: Information Technologist III level professional qualification
Duration of the program: 1 Year
Language of instruction: Georgian, English

Program capacity: 35credits (875 hours), 54 credits includs (40% -350 hours) the theoretical component, 21 credits (60% – 525 hours) are devoted to practice. The practical component is divided according to educational and training practice courses. 9 credis are devoted (225 hours) to educational practice, 12 credits (300 hours) considers training practice. The credit supposes a specific study course for aquiring knowledge, skills and values and a capacity of work to be performed by a student. One credit reflects the student’s activities during 25 hours.

Prerequisites for admission to a program: According to the legislation – the basic level of general education in the case of the competition is regarded for applicants having a high estimation in mathematics.

Description of the sphere – Information Technologist is the professional qualification of informatics sectorial sphere. This sphere prepares students to function effectively in a dynamic technological era: fundamentals of Hardware and Software design, program implementation, applications and implications of information and communications technology, information processing and database management. Information technology professional qualification is personal computer hardware and software qualified specialist, who possesses the necessary special technical skills for the provision and installation of operating systems, upgrade, elimination, optimization, diagnosis and services.

Objective of the professional program – Professional education program aims: to prepare the qualified staff – Information technology specialist, who will be able to perform obligations on IT position; give knowledge of information technologies taking account the basic facts, processes and principles of general concepts in order to develop professional students’ professional skills with purpose of using acquired knowledge in practical activities; develop the skills of managing the assignment with different approaches, appropriate methods, tools and materials; ability to understand and work in complicated situations and evaluate and analyze raised problems and obtain necessary information by using different sources; oral and written communication skills comprises the student’s ability to perform verbal and written forms of activity in different situations connected with her/his profession by using English technical terminology; understand modern technological changes and take responsibilities to deepen knowledge for professional development and success; develop professional values, in particular to respect colleagues and customers, conduct activities according to their desires and follow ethics norms.


Business Management

Professional Education Program title: Small Business Manager (Business Management)
Professional education level: IV level
Certified qualification: Vocational qualification of the fourth level of small Business Manager.
Duration of the program: 1 Year
Language of instruction: Georgian, English

Program capacity: 1 credit is equal to 25 hours. Vocational educational program includes 60 credits; Among them 24 credits/600 hours are for practice (Study practice), 36 credits/900 hours are for theory. Credits in theory are distributed into contact and independent hours, practice includes only contact hours. The maximum number of vocational students in each group is 30. The duration of vocational educational program is 42 academic weeks.

The program of Small business manager is created with the components that include the knowledge necessary for management of small business in any country. At the same time the program is designed on the principles of Small business manager standard, after completing the program all of the six competencies are achieved. The study courses, study resources, staff that implement the program guarantees the achievement of set goals and results. Study courses in program include English study material, printed as well as electronic. Each teacher has the appropriate knowledge of English language what is proved by their personal documents.
Vocational program is designed with the basic rules of business, also small business principles: rightful, multiply, income-oriented activity, working independently and in organized way; Consideration of this principles, execution-development of planned work, defining risks and property or other responsibilities needs proper knowledge, which is provided by the vocational educational program of “Small business manager”.
Program is based on the structure proven by European experience and considers non-simultaneous, non-parallel studying of courses, but concentrates on a period of intensive studying process, first of all the one course, then the second one and etc. Although there are some exceptions when the vocational students study two courses in parallel to achieve the best result. The English Language course is followed by the whole studying period.
The course includes practice component between theoretical components, the chronology of which is given in the column “Study plan”. The link between courses are logical and consistent. Vocational program is based on the method of study which considers generating practical skills.
After successful completion of vocational education program vocational student will receive diploma for appropriate qualification. Successful completion considers gaining 60 credits.
Educational program period, on the basis of constant monitoring and vocational students’ survey, the program will be modified at the end of every year if it is necessary.

Objective of the professional program: The aim of vocational education program is to prepare competitive specialist with the knowledge of appropriate skills and values for this sphere, for what vocational student has to get the knowledge about principles of business, types of legal entities, writing business plan; has to generate skills of implementing proper work to achieve the goals; develop the skills of oral, written and presentation communication with partners, as well as with colleagues, personnel, also with other persons; understand the importance of business; has a responsible relation with professional values; can freely define the direction of his/her study in the partly changing environment; generate the skills that will help to solve the specified problems in this sphere; know the use of trustful sources, create strategy, analyze the results, plan improvement activities on the basis of made mistakes; responsible relation with professional values, adequate actions in changing situations, etc.
Vocational program considers more specific aims which serve to bring up the professionals. Based on the institution’s education-entrepreneurial partnerships, production of skills and distribution of vocational students is guaranteed by the cooperation with our European partners.


Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

Professional Education Program title: Business Administration
Certified qualification: Bachelor’s of Business Administration
Duration of the program: 4 Years
Language of instruction: English

Bachelor program of Business Administration includes 240 ECTS credits, 60 credits per year, 30 credits per semester. Based on student’s individual load, the amount of credits might be more or less than 60 credits, but not more than 75.

240 ECTS credits are distributed in two parts: compulsory and elective/free component. In compulsory component student must collect 182 ECTS credits, among which 14 credits are for general skill development study courses, 138 credits are for specialty courses and 30 credits should be obtained from elective/compulsory module. Within the program, student is able to choose study courses for development of general skills in I and II semester (total 10 credits, 5 credits per semester) and 48 free credits to develop additional field skills or/and according to own interests (in V-VI-VII-VIII semester, 12 credit per semester.
Credits are distributed between all the components of the bachelor program. Student’s workload for contact and independent hours are defined in syllabuses. All the courses last for only one semester.
The standard duration of bachelor program is 8 semesters (4 academic years). One academic year includes 40-42 weeks, one semester includes 20-21 weeks.

Business plays an important part in the social life and economic development of the country. The business environment is stable, conditions for commercial activities have improved drastically. Business is becoming the main type of employment or the form of secondary employment. The agreement of deep and comprehensive free trade between Georgia and EU became an important perspective for business development that will improve the opportunities to enter foreign markets for business companies.
Above mentioned aspects will significantly increase demand on highly qualified English-language specialists because English is considered as an international language of business in the world. That is what makes the implementation of business administration program so relevant – it will help country’s global perspectives – the graduate will not only be a professional in business sphere but will also have English language competence that will make him/her competitively dominant on local and international markets.
In our country, development of adequate economic institutions and Georgia’s irreversible integration in world economic sphere, defines the creation of different enterprises, companies or corporations. Popular employment portals (jobs.ge and others) loom high demand on qualified managers who have English language competence. English bachelor program of business administration provides exactly this kind of staff – students will develop skills and confidence to become the part of global business world. They’ll learn how to be innovative, help effective business development and understand modern aspects of business. Within the program they will develop competences that will be sufficient to be responsible manager in different organizations or enterprises.
Notably, Business has become especially interesting and attractive for young generation. That’s natural, interest has raised because business provides employment and social-economic stability. Respectively, it’s very important to prepare motivated and qualified staff that will be able to start competitive business, produce product and service that will serve the social-economic development of the country.
According to the mission of LTD Georgian-European Higher Education Institution the aim of the program is to prepare competitive specialist with the competences and qualification required by modern international demands which will acquire wide knowledge of business management principles, characteristics of specific business spheres – general and strategic management, marketing, finance, accounting and financial accounting, human resource management, etc. will have skills to evaluate and understand connection between them; They will be able to engage in different business spheres or organize their own business; will be able to help organization’s management activity, function-development of business structures; can use proper analytical instruments to solve problems in business processes, effective realization of own competences and abilities; will have skills to participate and strive for the establishment of civil and professional values; can define necessity of further professional development.
Also, the aim of the program is to develop students skill of written and oral communication, effective usage of modern information and communication technologies, necessary skills for solving business field problems.

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