Medical Doctor is a one-stage program, which lasts for 6 years and entails 360 credits (ECTS). The entire program aims to develop the study results defined for medical activities. The program corresponds to the second step of the higher education. The qualification relevant to the educational program in medicine is a certified Medical Doctor (MD).
The program is oriented towards ensuring the achievement of the competencies essential to become qualified Medical Doctor. The training of the appropriate specialists equipped with the competencies defined within the framework of higher education qualifications and oriented towards the employment market is carried out based on the synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the study of basic, clinical, university and faculty training components.
Our Medical Doctor Program corresponds to international standards. Recommendations for the structure of the program have been provided in details in the joint document prepared by WFME and MEDINE- `Global standards for medical education quality improvement based on European specifics`. It conforms to the competencies developed by TUNING/MEDINE in the framework of European qualifications. Based on these recommendations, great attention is drawn to the practical training of the students. In order to strengthen the practical component, it has been planned to teach a number of the clinical disciplines envisaged within the educational program, at the clinical facilities

International Recognition

International RecognitionGeorgia has signed Lisbon Recognition Convention (officially the “Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region”, which is an international convention of the Council of Europe elaborated together with the UNESCO) in 1997 . Based on this convention, degrees form accredited universities of Georgia are automatically recognized in remained Council of Europe member countries. In 2012 academic year, our Medical Doctor (MD) program was enrolled in Foundation for Advancement in International Medical Education and Research “FAIMER-IMED” and World Health Organization “AVICENNA”, implying that obtained Medical Doctor (MD) qualification is approved worldwide. The program is approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) as well

Clinical Facilities

Within Medical Doctor Program, a considerable significance is attached to the development of clinical skills. In this regard, different kinds of simulators and computerized training programs illustrating actual disease, a diagnostic or therapy procedure will be applied. For the purpose, practical trainings in the following hospitals will be provided:

1. K. Eristavli National Centre for Experimental and Clinical Surgery;

2. M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital;

3. LTD “Tbilisi Central Hospital”;

4. LTD “Archangel Saint Michael Multi-Profile Clinical Hospital”;

5. LTD “Medical Centre – Neoclinic”;

6. Ivane Beritashvili Centre of Experimental Biomedicine;

7. LTD “Z. Shakarashvili Onco-Haematological Clinic LifeMed”;

8. LTD “Referral Hospital”;

9. Infection Diseases, Aids and Clinical Immunology Research Centre;

10. LTD “Dermatology and Venereology National Centre”;

11. LTD “Konstantine Madichi Mammology Centre”

12. Institute of Hematology and Transphysiology;

13. LTD National Centre of Endocrinology;

14. LTD Cardio-Vascular Centre;

15. LTD  Georgian Patriarchate St. Joachim and St. Ann Medical Centre;

16. Academician Otar Ghudushauri National Medical Centre – Medicine;

17. Davita Abuladze Georgian-Italian Clinic;


Duration: 5+1 year
1 year tuition fee: 5000 USD
Degree is recognized by WHO, MCI and by European Countries.
Last Year of Your studies Preparation for MCI Test
IELTS is NOT Required; Visa is 100% Guaranteed

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