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Global Educational Services the exclusive representative and the International admission office of Caucasus International University provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer and will live in Georgia. GES and CIU always care for their students and try to create the comfortable environment for them. For the same purpose, CIU offers its own student accommodation, which is well equipped. 

Well-equipped facilities

Students have all conditions for comfort: heating, cooling, TV, Internet, bathroom, kitchen, security, chef, students will have 3 meal a day. 

Feel safe and supported

We are here to make sure you have the best experience possible while living at the Hostel. Student Support Officers are responsible for student support including your welfare and all matters of discipline. We love to meet as many students as possible throughout the year. The security of Hostel also make sure our campuses are safe and secure.

Efficient Internet connection

This is a special service we offer in our Hostel, students are able to use internet for study and fun purpose anytime.

All inclusive rent

Electricity, water, heat, gas, garbage disposal services, and expanded cable TV service, Ethernet Access, and some laundry.

Near to the university

The advantage of our accommodation as opposed to others is the closeness to the University. The Hostel is located 15 minutes distance from CIU  what makes more comfort for the students.

It provides a great opportunity to make friends

A major advantage of living in a Hostel is the social life they provide.

• Well-equipped facilities

• Separate space for boys and girls

• All inclusive rent

• Home Environment

• 3 times delicious and healthy meals

• Neat and Clean rooms

• A big cafeteria

• A walking distance from Caucasus International University

• 24 hours Security

• Efficient Internet connection

• Fully equipped with Modern Techniques.

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CIU-GES Hostel Opening

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